The Talk

Here's me, Max, visiting Mommy in the hospital. I was very happy to see her and she was very happy to see me. Then we had the talk.

Mommy told me all about Alyssa and that she (Alyssa) gave me this new green car. I wonder why my mommy and daddy tell fibs like that. Where would Alyssa have hidden the car? It's not like she has any pockets. Still, I'm not a dummy and I don't look gift horses in the mouth, I took the car.

I'll even cut her a break and allow some of her pictures to be posted here, along with allowing the two previous pages to be "brought in from the cold." By the way, thank you very little for telling me about her and those pages. Other than one person, no one bothered to e-mail me about the rogue pages on my site. That person has been rewarded. The rest of you are in serious trouble.